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Here's the deal.  You (and everyone you know!) vote for me to to win and go to Norway and learn to dogsled.  I donate money to Traveling Stories!

I volunteer with Traveling Stories, a San Diego non-profit that helps kids learn to LOVE reading!!!

Read more about Traveling Stories HERE!


Tues Dec 12 @ 3 pm            :746

TOTAL                                     : $31.50


Fjallraven, a Sweedish outdoor gear company, takes 20 people each year from all over the world, teaches them to dogsled, then sets them loose on a 3 day, 186 mile race!

Only ONE person from North America will be selected by popular vote.

So... I NEED YOUR VOTE!  And your friends.  And your granny.  And your cat (if he's old enough to have a facebook account).  No sign up, no spam, you will just need to verify with your facebook account (everyone only gets one vote).

What The Hell Is Rose Doing Now?

Fallback Expedition – It’s Camel Time!

The last month has been spent trying to win a place in an amateur Iditarod; by popular vote. As of today, Monday December 11, 2017, with 3 days of voting left, I’m in 15th place.  13,372 votes behind the leader for the North America spot.  I think it’s safe to say I’m out of the running.   Luckily, I have a fallback plan!  Friend and fellow explorer, Chloe Phillips-Harris has put together a winter camel expedition covering almost 200 miles of the Mongolian Gobi Desert.  In January.

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